Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Been to long gone

Wow, cant believe I havent blogged here since November. Guess thats only one month. So here is a quick up date.

Garrett is full on crawling, pulling up on furniture and scaling along the front of it. He shakes his head no and waves bye bye. He can also make several noises with his mouth and tongue. Silly boy! He is on complete cows milk and sleeping in his own crib!!! He only wakes a 1-2 times a night, most nights. I cannot believe that in less then a month he will be 1 year old already! So crazy to think about this time last year.

 Elisabeth Quinn, she is a HANDFUL! Ok, not just a handful but TWO handsful. She is a spitfire with an attitude to match. She is speaking complete sentences, sometimes 6-8 words at a time. She amazes me and some times drives me nuts! Her new this is to yell at me "Dont touch me!" I dread the day she does this while in a grocery store surrounded by people. She also yells "Im mad! Mad! Mad! Mad!" With each mad she adds her voice gets "madder" too. I cant help but laugh at her. Its the cutest thing ever. I really need to get it on video. Black mail ;) Another variation to the mad thing is her just saying "Im mad!" and I tell her "Im mad too!" and she will reply wit h"Im mad three!" I just chuckle.  It melts my heart when she tells me "I love you mommy." We will sit there together saying I love you back and for worth, "I love you" 'I love you too' "I love you more" 'I love you mommy' "I love you too Ellie" 'I love yoooooou" and I love it! Then she gets mad and tells me to stop talking. lol She is finally sleeping in her own bed! I find my self sleeping with her many nights. (Thats why I gave her a queen size bed, to share with me) I love cudding with her.

We had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families. They all spoiled our kids. I still have toys strung all over the house. We got a puppy too. By we, I mean my self. Logan laughs at me and says "We finally got the kids to sleep in their own beds all night long and you go get a puppy that whines and barks all night." Its almost like having a baby again. Her name is LaLa (With Love & Fur ) Though very cute, she is a little shit head. Ellie thinks that she is her own personal baby and wants to carry her around every where. Least till LaLa bites her.

 Here in a short 4 months Logan and I will be married for 2 years. Its so crazy because we have been together for so long and just say only 2 years now. We are going to try and go to Vegas for a few days. Hope we get to because Ive never been and think we both would have a blast. (Long as no one slips us a roofaline, hahaha jk) We've had our ups and down but we are doing pretty good now Id say.

 Thats all for this post. Hoping to stay caught up more now. Maybe not an everyday post, but we will see.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Here are those Halloween pics. There are more but these were all my mom posted on face book at the moment.. Ellie had a blast! Even though her costume was to big and the wings wouldnt stay on.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Any difference?

So I was thinking about what has changed since being back in Arizona.... The weather.. But what else?? Yeah all our family is closer to use now and I have seen my sister loads more since being back.... But day in and day out I still find my self sitting with the computer or TV in front of me with the kids running a muck! Least in Illinois I had a moms group and friends that I could get out of the house and talk to... I have old friends here, but none I  hang out with or really even talk to. My one close friend is now 2 hours + away and though we used to have a meeting point when we lived in Chino, its just to far to drive in a day.

My brother is waiting to hear about a job here in Bagdad also.. He's waiting on the background part to check out and then hopefully the process with speed up. (Its always hurry up and wait with this company) If he gets the job then he and my SIL will be moving down here too.. Im oober excited about this because before they started dating her and I were close friends. We will be able to hang out, scrapbook together, lounge around, go to Prescott together.. Ill be so happy to have her (and of course my brother) here!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So the Halloween photos that I promised, well they are on my Mom's camera card and I dont have it... But these ones are from before we left Illinois. I wasnt sure if we would get the chance to T-or-t, so we dressed the kids up and took them out for pictures. Ellie was "Batarina" and Garrrett was just a brown puppy.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rocky Road....

Ice cream is nummy! lol So Ive been wanting to blog for soooo long! We have make the trek across the US and finally made it home to Arizona. It took a little over a week to get our own house. Now we are almost all moved in. Its a 3 bedroom, 1 1/4 bath. Has nice yards and the lay out is just like the one my parents and I lived in when we first moved to Bagdad.. Oh and its also like right behind that house, lol.  I just got the internet hooked up today, woot woot!

Wow, over the passed 3 weeks I have thought about sooo many things to blog about, good and bad and now I cant seem to remember a single one of the topics.. Booo.. Oh well, now I can blog again as it comes to mind.

The kids are both sick rights now, but we got antibiotics this morning so hopefully they will be filling better soon. As soon as they are well again Im going to check into the child care/day care so I can start going to they gym. I bough some super cute clothes the other day at Fashion Bug :) Im sad though cause the store in Prescott is closing :( However, it will keep me from spending anymore monies that I do not have right now.

Back to the kids, Garrett is full on crawling now! No stopping him anymore. He is also pulling up onto some things. He is a little flirt and looks just like Daddy. I have almost got him completely weaned from the boob. He takes a bottle with no problem all day long and even falls asleep with it.. But come night time, he doesnt want the bottle... He wants the good stuff.. Hopefully soon he will rely less on me as a pacifier and start sleeping through the night.

Ellie is a monster! She's a little diva, bad attitude, moody little ball of fire. She has quite the vocabulary and asks a million questions. She is doing so well with potty training, though we still have accidents, wear pull ups a lot, but Im proud of how good she is doing. Sleeping is a whole different topic though. She doesnt want to go to bed at night, has pushed her naps back later and wakes at night. A 2 yr old is every bit as hard as a baby!!

We had a good Halloween and actually got to go TorTing with my sister, BIL, mom, niece and nephew! Ill post pics soon. Ellie got the hang of it fast. :)

Thats all for now. So happy to have internet again!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Home Arizona

I guess now is as good a time as any to blog this. Logan got the job in Arizona! He starts November 1st. We are leaving Waterloo on the 29th. My mom is flying in on the 22nd to help me pack (Thanks goodness since Im such a procrastinator!) Then Logan's dad is flying in on the 28th and he is going to drive the pinski truck back. We are soooo greatful for all of our parents and all the help they give us.

So we have little over 2 weeks to pack up and move 2100 hours across country! Crazy crazy crazy! I cannot wait to be home in Arizona again. Dont get me wrong, I really have enjoyed our little vacation in Illionis, but like all good vacations, this one has come to an end.. I am very sad to be leaving some super gals that I met here. I dont know what I would have done with my self this past year had I now found the mommys group! On that not, it also makes me sad to go back to Bagdad where I have a small chance at making good friends. Bagdad is a town where everyone knows everyone and is in everyones business. I know many people there but cant see my self hanging out with them. Some were even high school friends, but people change over the years. But I guess with all the free time, Ill be able to push my self to go to the gym more and slim down!

Yeah so to the point, lol, WE ARE MOVING!! Whoo hooo!
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OMG! This has got to be one of the funniest pictures of Ellie ever! I downloaded Picasa and it does facial recognition. Its does pretty good. In Ellie's folder were of course her pictures, but then there were a few of Garrett, her brother. Thats cool to see that they do have similarities. Also it had one of her cousins Holly & Jace and I could see similarities in Holly and Ellie. So neat.

So since I have this cool program that also make collages, it also makes posting to my blog easier. To cool. Maybe Ill keep up on my blog more!

This picture of Ellie was one of the first times she ate baby food. She's probably around 6 months old.. Hahaha I laugh every time I look at it. Priceless!
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